About Us

Kenmark Aviation is a Houston, Texas based aerospace firm that specializes in providing aircraft parts, supply chain management, MRO solutions, and other aviation management services. Our principals have over 75 years of combined experience in multiple facets of the aviation industry.  Kenmark and it’s leadership team have significant knowledge and a proven record of brokering multimillion dollar transactions in aircraft parts and services, as well as extensive experience in commercial aviation, aircraft management, MRO, FBO and fuel operations. In addition to the experience of our team we have built substantial contacts in the worldwide airline and aircraft support field that are able to assist Kenmark on a specific project basis either as employees, partners or consultants.

Kenmark was founded in 1998 by Ken Carlson and Mark Deering in Panama City, Panama and began operations providing logistical & tactical support for the aircraft and helicopter operations of the Panamanian Public Forces.  Kenmark provided extensive support for the Panamanian Forces for over seven years in addition to providing services to a number of government, military, commercial and startup aviation entities throughout the world.  In 2005 operations were temporarily suspended in Panama and moved to the US where we presently operate from our Houston, Texas headquarters and South Carolina service center.